LMP200 Instrument, ABC & Calibration Kit

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PS200-LMP (LMP200)

HPN 105509

The LMP200 is a multi-use detector specifically designed to address the gas monitoring practices of the plumbing and HVAC communities to enhance gas safety.

With three modes of operation, this gas detector can be used by LMPs and their technicians to conduct regulatory compliant leak surveys of gas piping inside buildings. Results from leak surveys can be transferred, via Bluetooth, to applications running on smart devices allowing the survey data to be visualized and stored in the cloud for regulatory reporting purposes by an LMP and/or Utility. The PS200-LMP also assists with daily duties including purging of interior piping and provides atmosphere mon­itoring for both flammable gas and carbon monoxide (CO).


HPN 105507

Includes: ABC Calibration Station, two (2) regulators, 100Lt Gas 50% CH4 LEL, 100LT Gas 99% CH4

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