Discover Advanced Mobile Leak Detection (AMLD)

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For years, reduction of gas leaks on aging infrastructure has been an issue for the natural gas industry, particularly the down-stream (distribution) marketplace. Heath’s Discover AMLD™ will address this issue by reducing methane emissions through the identification of gas leaks with minimum false positives and negatives compared to competing technologies. 

Discover AMLD is an open-air fixed path Mid-IR Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS). Resolution is in the part per billion (ppb) range for both methane and ethane. Ethane detection aids in determining whether a detection is pipeline gas or naturally occurring biogas.

Discover AMLD consists of a vehicle equipped with the detector, GPS, anemometer and proprietary software loaded onto the vehicle’s computer/tablet. All components were designed to require minimal modifications to the vehicle and utilize the latest in wireless technology.

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