Press Release: Heath Consultants Incorporated Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Laser Methane SMART

Stand-off methane laser detector for Gas Filled Occupancy response

HOUSTON – December 14, 2022 – Heath Consultants Incorporated (HCI) is thrilled to announce its distribution agreement for the Laser Methane SMART. The new laser detector, which uses TDLAS technology to identify methane gas leaks, will be a valuable addition to HCI’s line of products for the natural gas industry and fire/first responder market.

Numerous public safety agencies and utilities have a need for accurate data regarding the energy release potential associated with accumulated natural gas inside structures. However, due to its unique characteristics and the lack of specific information on this topic, the development and implementation of procedures are challenging. As a consequence, some gas utilities adopted the 100-meter (330 ft.) evacuation distance prescribed by the Department of Transportation as a standard for responding to natural gas leaks in open areas. Meanwhile, other utilities established safe evacuation zones based on their own criteria. These approaches acknowledge the need for efficient procedures when responding to such emergencies and form an example of innovative risk mitigation practices.

Stand-off Methane LasersNatural gas utility workers are highly trained to respond quickly when a natural gas leak is reported. They work alongside public safety personnel, who, on occasion, detect an accumulation of natural gas inside structures to the point where it is deemed necessary to evacuate. In these cases, the natural gas company deploys a Customer Service Leak and Odor Investigator to investigate the gas source. This combination of experienced personnel ensures quick action and swift resolution for any potential danger posed by natural gas leaks.

Heath Consultants has responded to the growing interest in Gas Filled Occupancy (GFO) guidelines with its latest product: the Laser Methane SMART. This device is a state-of-the-art portable tool designed to help Customer Service Leak and Odor Investigators detect natural gas from up to 98+ feet away. The Laser Methane SMART is lightweight and simple to use, weighing only 1.1 pounds and standing 8 inches tall, which is perfect for investigators to carry in their pocket when out on a call.

The highly portable Laser Methane SMART stand-off methane laser detector is designed specifically for GFO response, with its compact size and simple operation.

Heath’s TDLAS laser lineup provides invaluable aid to both natural gas companies and fire/first responders. Its RMLD-CS gives these companies a groundbreaking way to survey leaks in their value chain, while the RMLD-FR is designed to provide fire and first responders with a tailored solution for responding to natural gas emergencies. Together, these tools offer far-reaching help that spans environments from industrial plants all the way through to spaces at risk of hazardous explosions. Through the comprehensive reach of its products, Heath ensures that everyone involved in managing and responding to potential disasters involving methane makes use of effective solutions.

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