Press Release: City of Sterling Heights Fire Department becomes first in Michigan to utilize Remote Methane Leak Detector

STERLING HEIGHTS, MI – Next week, the Sterling Heights Fire Department will become the first fire department in the state of Michigan to have available a Remote Methane Leak Detector – First Responder, a device that allows first responders to quickly scan common venting points within a structure from a safe distance to determine if methane gas is present. The $15,000 unit was donated to the department by the detector’s manufacturer, Heath Consultants, of Houston, Texas. The generous donation was accepted by Sterling Heights City Council at their May 17 meeting. In late May/early June, training on how to use the new detector will be provided to all firefighters, and the device will be put into service once training is completed.

“Many times, first responders are called to natural gas emergencies, and up until now, we’ve only had a way to detect for gases while inside what could be a potentially hazardous environment or in the correct flammable range to set off an explosion with just a spark,” said Fire Chief Kevin Edmond. “This new device can be used to detect gases remotely, keeping our team safely away from potentially dangerous structures and situations.”

The Remote Methane Leak Detector works by using Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), allowing the operator to shine a beam through most windows, giving them an audible and visual signal as to the presence of methane. This quick scan permits first responders to make rapid decisions that are critical to establish the appropriate control of the gas and ignition sources if a detection is present. The instrument features include WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS capability and more.

“Safety is so important to building our exceptional quality of life here in Sterling Heights,” said Mayor Michael Taylor. “We must first keep our firefighters safe so they can keep our community safe in turn, and this new equipment is just one more tool in the toolbox that can help us do that.”

About the city of Sterling Heights

Founded in 1968, the City of Sterling Heights continues to be a vibrant, inclusive community for residents and businesses that is safe, active, progressive and distinctive. The Sterling Heights 2030 Visioning Plan creates a bold vision for an exceptional quality of life, offering distinctive neighborhoods, a world-class library, 31 parks and green spaces, and low tax and crime rates. With roughly 133,000 residents, it is the second largest suburb in Metro Detroit, and the fourth largest city in Michigan. To learn more, visit

About Heath Consultants

Since 1933, Heath Consultants Incorporated has led the industry in the safety of natural gas utilities infrastructure through the innovative and conscientious actions of our employees. Heath’s innovative products have led to safer survey practices for both gas utilities and within our own field services division. These breakthroughs in technology are due in large part to the efforts of our engineering and marketing experts who research and develop new products and services through strategic partnerships with well recognized research and development organizations and industry trade associations. Heath is certified as a women’s business enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of the businesses owned and operated by women in the U.S.

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