Mike Snead Named Recipient of 2017 Milton W. Heath Sr. Memorial Award

Heath Consultants is pleased to announce Mike Snead, Manager, Leak Survey and Meter Services, Washington Gas, was named as the recipient of the 2017 Milton W. Heath Sr. Memorial Award at the American Gas Association’s Annual Operations Conference in Orlando, Florida. This award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions toward the detection, prevention and repair of natural gas leaks.

In 2001, Mike began a career path in the gas industry with Washington Gas where he’s worked in gas operations, maintenance, corrosion control, safety and leak survey. In 2015, he was selected to manage all the leak survey programs in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area as well as the meter service programs in the field.  All leak survey technicians are currently using state of the art intrinsically safe methane leak detection to perform inside leak surveys.

The leak data for Washington Gas is paired up with tablets in a new pilot program which represents another aspect of Mike’s contribution in advanced programmatic leak survey with the use of mobile and portable leak detection software. The software platform integrates GPS, system maps, instrumentation readings and survey tracking in real time allowing Washington Gas the means of setting strict auditing parameters for its in-house crews and contractors.

Mike’s contributions have significantly improved the quality, thoroughness, and efficiency of the leak survey program at Washington Gas not to mention his deep, personal, and genuine commitment to pipeline safety and the customers he serves.