Dr. Kiran Kothari Named Recipient of 2016 Milton W. Heath Sr. Memorial Award

Heath Consultants is pleased to announce that Dr. Kiran Kothari, Institute Engineer, Energy Delivery and Utilization, Gas Technology Institute, was named as the recipient of the 2016 Milton W. Heath Sr. Memorial Award at the American Gas Association’s Annual Operations Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. This award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions toward the detection, prevention and repair of natural gas leaks.

Dr. Kothari was given the award for his achievements in developing and conducting research on multi-miDSC_8044[16]llion-dollar research and development programs related to the improvement of distribution, transmission, and storage operations of natural gas. Kothari’s current R&D responsibilities are focused on gas distribution operations, with objectives of reducing gas industry operations cost and improving safety.

In the past, Dr. Kothari completed several R&D programs on improving high pressure gas measurement accuracy, improving in-line inspection technologies for high-pressure gas transmission pipelines, improving gas storage technologies with emphasis on LNG storage and safety, and developing methodologies to quantify unaccounted-for-gas for the gas industry.

Dr. Kothari received his Ph.D. in Civil engineering from Colorado State University, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Nebraska, and B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Bombay University.