Jerome Themig

Ameren Corporation
 Jerome Themig received the AGA 2010 Milton W. Heath Sr. Memorial Award. The award, sponsored by Heath Consultants Incorporated, is given annually to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to leak detection prevention for repair during the preceding five years.

Jerome efforts are being recognized with the receipt of this award on his efforts to obtain a precedent setting waiver to align the frequencies of leak survey and atmospheric corrosion inspections in order to realign Ameren’s safety resources to promote efficiency without compromising safety. Recognizing that system reliability could be improved by more frequent leak surveys and atmospheric corrosion surveys could be more effective by utilizing qualified leak surveyors rather than the historical meter reader approach, Jerome worked diligently on a waiver to increase the frequency of distribution / high pressure leak surveys from five years to four years and extend the frequency of atmospheric corrosion surveys from three to four years. Historical data showing that the impact of atmospheric corrosion on above ground facilities at Ameren would not be compromised by adding one year to the survey cycle was an important fact that helped gain the support of the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) for the waiver application.

As a result of Jerome’s work he has presented the waiver process and results as it relates to alternate inspection at several conferences and meetings around the country as it relates to the Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP). As a result many operators may choose to explore alternate inspection intervals for leak and atmospheric corrosion surveys.

Jerome Themig – Manager, Gas Compliance – Ameren Corporation began his career in the energy business in 1980. He is a mechanical engineering graduate from Southern Illinois University and started his career as a summer roustabout with Shell Pipeline at the Patoka Tank Farm. Following graduation he spent seven (7) years with Dresser Industries and later joined the Local Distribution Company (LDC) in Illinois as a Gas Field Engineer. He has now been with Ameren for twenty-three (23) years in Gas Operations, Staff Engineering and Supervisory positions. He currently has responsibilities for regulatory compliance both state and federal, standards / materials, public awareness and quality assurance.