Brent Shuler

Manager of Risk Assessment

Brent received a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration from Purdue University and has held various positions of responsibility in the pipeline industry primarily focused on cathodic protection and pipeline integrity. After becoming the Manager of Risk Assessment Brent became responsible for the implementation of probabilistic risk models across transmission, distribution as well as meter and regulation asset classes. Realizing the opportunity to leverage data gathered from Advanced Mobile Leak Detection (AMLD) to enhance risk modeling, replacement and prioritization of distribution assets, Brent was tasked with the implementation of AMLD across NiSource. Since early 2021, Brent has worked with his team to utilize AMLD and begin shifting leakage inspections from traditional means to AMLD, with a heavy focus on the reduction of methane emissions.

Congratulations Brent, for your contributions to NiSource, your community and the natural gas industry.